A natural Gemstone and Crystal Intuitive, Teketa Shine has made playing with Rocks into her life’s expression. Working with gemstones intimately for the last ten years, she assists others in finding their own connection to the Earth through immersing themselves in the life of the stone.

      Crystals have been used since the beginning of recorded history in all ancient cultures for healing, medicine, introspection, magic, and architecture. Only in the last few hundred years has our civilization lost its connection to working with the stones.

     Each stone has its own unique voice, story, and healing properties. In connecting with these gemstones we are able to better connect ourselves with the Earth which we all spring from, the minerals that make up our own unique bodies, and enhance richly our own intuition.

     By working with the gemstones, Teketa has found herself thrown into a world of heightened spiritual exploration, growth, and advancement of spirit. In her classes and workshops she offers the participants an opportunity to find and validate their own intuition and natural healing abilities through connecting with the stones.

     The stones have also gifted Teketa with a very unique and accurate method of divination. Through analyzing a group of individually chosen gemstones she is able to bring forward messages from the mineral kingdom about your unique emotional experiences. This method is a beautiful form of a readings style as the stones chosen to explain the information regarding your personal experience, are also the allies in which you might use to overcome the challenges you’re faced with.

     In working with a healing form of divination, it becomes a mutually beneficial experience for the reader and client. When one comes into contact with the stones, even in a space where time is limited, you are accessing the healing energies within the stones and their energy becomes intermingled with your own.

     If you’ve ever felt like exploring the world of gemstones and crystals in an in-depth class, workshop, reading, or healing, Teketa is a very influential and knowledgeable source for information regarding working with the crystalline kingdom.