Testimonials from Clients and Affiliates

The Crystal Mind (Teketa Shine) is my go to source when I need the honest and unfiltered message from spirit. Her tact at accepting my spirit for whatever it is at that moment and being able to deliver a true message is uncanny. She doesn't tell her clients simply the vague things they 'want' to hear, she provides them insight, intuition and most of all guidance. 

Her willingness to allow her clients to be vulnerable and safe is beautiful, I trust her implicitly. She's always on the tip of my tongue when recommending a reader to friends. Constantly in awe of her gift and her kindness, you won't be disappointed. "Teketa has an amazing energy that can connect with you from anywhere. I had a fantastic reading over Skype, and she was still able to see deep within me and feel my energies. Everything that she spoke of whether it be my work, self love or my life in transition, she was completely spot on. She was able to bring out feelings and energies that I have had within me but have not yet accepted or acted upon, and showed me that it is right to act upon them. I feel as though my mind has been opened and eased by the wisdom that she has shown me through this crystal reading.She really opened my eyes. "  

-Jessica Nova

- Taylor Penessi

"The first time I got a crystal reading it was from Teketa and I had no idea what it was. The moment we started the reading though I knew it was powerful. She has developed an incredible relationship with the stones. The messages given to me during that reading was everything I needed to hear. It was on point to everything that was happening at the time and everything she said is still coming into manifestation. She really clarified a lot of questions I had and I thank her for her guidance."

-Jennifer Duque Artist, Author, Nomad

"On my first visit to Cassadaga I came across a shop in which I met Teketa and I must say, her energy was more than amazing. She helped me in more ways than she will ever know. I have since encouraged many friends to visit just so they could encounter the positive energy she emits. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a positive path."

-Feanix Poole

"The truly gifted Teketa Shine blew me away with her accuracy on things she couldn't possibly have known about me without having a strong connection to the spirit world. Im not sure how she does it really, I would say it's pure magic that she's tapped into! Her style is unique, as is she, and I think it's definitely worth crossing paths with her."

-Trisha Lane LMT

"Teketa's reading with her crystals was unique and interesting, and completely accurate. It was an experience like no other and I was delighted and floored by this one-of-a-kind way of doing it."

-Bethy Røvîrå Pyschic Medium

"I was given a crystal healing by Miss Shine and it was phenomenal. One of the best I have ever had, I highly recommend it!"

-Elizabeth Cree Author

"I recently bought beautiful earrings made by Teketa. They are symbolic of my birth totem. They are very well crafted and I will cherish them always. My other special gift to myself was a crystal bracelet that Teketa made and it helps ground me. I highly recommend her workmanship and intuitive gift of placing such positive energy in every piece. Thank you Teketa Shine, you are a blessing to the universe."


"Teketa is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to crystals, minerals, and metaphysics! You may trust her knowledge and you may trust that her ethics will always lead her to steer a client in the proper direction that Spirit desires for them!!"

-Rev. Ben Cox Psychic Medium

"Teketa is a true healer and a master at her craft."

-Adam Cannon

"What strikes me the most about Teketa Shine is her ability to communicate with kindness, compassion, and authenticity . She is a profound healer and intuitive, using all of the mystical tools at her disposal (tarot, crystals, art, energy). No one knows more about crystals than she does. I have recommended Teketa several times over and any opportunity I have to share the work she does, I'll do it. She is a phenomenal teacher and facilitator. She is incomparable."

-Elena Rosa LMT

"Hi, My name is Christopher Johansen and i am a Psychic / Medium and Founder of the show Casper Paranormal View & Reading by Chris. We have had the pleasure of having Teketa Shine on Our Show. Everyone was very impressed with her knowledge of crystals and stones. Not to mention the amazing energy she has. It would be our honor to have her as a guest on our show again. I recommend Teketa’s talents to anyone. She truly has a gift that I feel can help people in all walks of life. "

-Christopher Johansen Psychic Medium

"Before I ever got the chance to meet Teketa I had heard of her through a very good friend. She had assisted my friend in distinguishing a stone she had bought from another employee at a store Teketa was working at. Out of the kindness of her heart, and her own infinity for metaphysics, Teketa proceeded to tell my friend that she did not believe what she had bought was the stone she was told it was. That was the start of the relationship her and my friend had developed. Through some time I had heard so many great things about Teketa and I could see the love and appriciation my friend had for her, I felt as if I knew her myself. I was finally given the opportunity to meet this beautiful soul when I was searching for someone who could perform a reiki attunment. One evening I had gone to met Tekata and she performed the ceremony for myself. This was a life changing experience, and nothing other than the alignment of the universe had provided this encounter to come to be. After my encounter with her I would never had rather it be done by anyone other than herself. She was informative about the basics of reiki as it was a reiki one attunment, and the actual ceremony was incredibly powerful. I could feel the the unvirsal energy begin to run through my body as I was becoming a vessel for this energy to move, and heal. Teketa had also extend her love when I came to her one day asking if she could perform a reading for me. I had done readings on myself before and had some friends who had done some in the past, but the experience I had with Teketa was mind blowing. This lovely lady is so incredibly talented and has such a distinguished style I do not think I will ever recieve a reading in the same manner as I did with her. She used a variety of techniques using crystals, spirit guides, cards, and her own incredibly intuitive nature, which all brought to light all the information I was looking for, and then some. Out of all the people I have met in my life so far, I hold the up most respect for this lady of the light and all of her talents. I would recommend her to anyone seeking for readings, attunments, art, or just an enlightening experience. I was very blessed to have this vibrant women find her way in to my life and anyone who seeks her out, or falls in her path, is sure to feel the same!"

-Skylar Morgan Stout